Mark Mage

These Mages come form the North eastern mountains. They combine both martial and divine might using marks to burn/bind evil and Free Magic away. They can combine these marks into numerous different effects, giving them a vast array of abilities. Many choose the path of fire and binding allowing them to do away with the undead that are common in the areas they traditionally come from. Others use frost Marks along with protection magic to guard their village from outsiders. There are a large number of Marks available but mark mages can only memorize one at a time. This limits their power greatly. They primarily act as battle casters who dive into combat and can take a bit of a beating, however they look to end combat quickly because they cannot sustain longer fights.

During the war of the Ring they fended off a hidden vanguard of the Voices troops to the north. This is a little known fact to the rest of the realm as the Men of the Charter dont trade often with the rest of the realm and considered it necessary action that no one deserves praise for.

HD: d6

BAB: Average (See page 22 PH)
Fort Save: Poor (22 PH)
Reflex Save: Poor (22 PH)
Will Save: Good (22 PH)

Skill points per level 4+int mod

Class Skills: Concentration (Wisdom), Heal (Wisdom), Knowledge Religion/Charter (Wisdom), Spot (Wisdom), Sense motive (Wisdom), Craft (Int), Climb (Str), Listen (Wisdom) and Preform (Cha).

Class Features-
Weapon Proficiency:
A Mark Mage can use all simple weapons along with two martial weapons of their choosing (this represents their own personal dedication to practicing with those weapons) and can use light or medium armor without interfering with their spell casting.

Charter Weapons:
A Mark mages chosen weapons are etched with runes that accept marks onto their surface. Once per day after level 5 a mark mage may put a mark into his weapon to be expended during an attack he makes with the weapon. he may do so an additional time per day every five levels, 2 times at level 10, 3 times at level 15, 4 times at level 20

Marks known:
As a mark mage advances in level he either learns new marks or delves deeper into the meaning of a favored mark. At level 1 a mark mage learns his first mark and then every other level may learn another. If they chose to deeper their understanding of a mark they can instead focus on one mark and enhance its effect and meaning. This can only take place every 3rd level and takes the place of learning a new mark. Levels 1-6 get access to Basic marks. Levels 7-14 get access to advanced marks. finally levels 15-20 get access to Master marks.

Pulling marks out of the charter (casting):
Casting marks takes a concentration check from the mark mage equal to 10 plus the number of times theyve cast a mark that day. This represents the fatigue that mark mages get from pulling the marks out of the charter, the more the do the harder it gets to hold the mark in their mind. This is a standard action. All marks can be saved against if the target doesnt wish to feel its effects, the dc of the check is equal to the roll of the concentration check that the Mark mage made in order to cast it.

List of Basic Marks:

Mark of Burning/blazing/Immolating:
This mark is one of destruction and fire. It targets one foe in line of sight of the Mark Mage. At its weakest it does 3d4 fire damage+the number that the Mark Mage exceeded the check by, if any.
Its second level (blazing) does 3d6 fire damage+the number by which the mage exceeded the check by, but requires a dc 15 check to cast.
The final version of this Mark does 3d8 fire damage+the number by which the mage exceeded the check by, and in addition sets the target on fire dealing 2d6 damage each turn the subject doesnt make a full round action to put it out. This form of the mark requires the user to make a dc 20 check to cast it.

Mark of Chilling/Freezing/Glacial
Many mark mages use this mark on foes who arent used to the their mountain home. this mark pulls from the coldest parts of the charter to manifest slowing their foes and freezing them in their tracks.
Is the same as Burning/blazing/Immolating but does cold damage and its final form slows the target to only 10 ft of movement in any of its modes of movement.

Mark of Sparking/Shocking/Thunder
This mark is for those caster who prefer to destroy their enemies with electricity and sonic booms.
Is the same as Burning/blazing/Immolating but does electricity damage and its final form deafens and blinds the target.

Mark of Blocking/Protection/Aegis
This mark is chosen by the those who wish to protect themselves and those around them from harm. The mark expands after the caster pulls it out of the charter to envelope the caster or a group of his allies. This mark when cast at it s first level (Blocking) adds +1 shield bonus to the targets ac. If the mark mage goes over the dc by at least 5 he may chose to extend this protection to an area, blocking 10 damage total to those within the 10 ft radius.
At the second level the ac bonus goes up to +3 and the damage absorption goes up to 25 points total. the dc to cast is 15
At its final level the ac bonus goes up to +5 and the damage absorption goes up to 40. this final Mark can only be learned at and after level 12 and the dc is 20

Mark of Mending/Healing/Revival
This mark is chosen for those men of the charter who wish to heal the wounds of their fellow men.
Mending does 2d4+2 points of positive energy damage/healing to the target.
Healing does 2d8+4 points of positive energy damage/healing to the target. Dc 15
Revival does 4d8+6 points of positive energy damage/healing to the target. it can also be used to bestow the ability it stay awake at 0 to -10 hit points.

Mark Mage

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