The Houses as they stand

House Ravenwood
Were hailed as heros who coordinated much of the resistance to the Voice. Indeed their favored son and heir gave his life to ensure his strike team made it through to defeat the Voice. The House has seen its power grow as a union between them and the House of Shadows was made between the two heirs. Renard and his wife Aluria have funneled support and funds to both the newly founded house of Fourfold Bounty and the Warmage College. Theyve rebuilt most of their own forces of knights and mages, their millitary might is equal to that of House Battleborn.

House Greyforge
As it was revealed in the Battle of the Fallen Ring this house is home to a God know as the Greyforge. Many just assumed that their high end weapons and armor were merely a product of their rare materials and fine craftsmanship. But it was in fact the work of the divine mountain itself guiding the hands of its chosen vassal Sahur. He single handly crafted 20,000 suits of mage bane armor which kept most of the Houses strike force alive and fighting during the final push. House greyforges wealth seems limitless but they dont dare flood the market with their gold or goods lest it damage the recovery efforts and markets of the Houses. In spite of this they still manage to find ways to help out the other Houses.

House Thorngrove
This House was one of the few almost untouched by the war. Many things have stayed the same for the Druids who live within their lands. They have spent most of their effort in the recovery efforts in helping to rebuild one of the Silencer’s village which had been badly damaged by one of the Voices agents. They try to take in as many refuge mages as they can , trying to change the perception of many of the common folk. The druids have taken to the old ritual of uprooting. Their entire capital is now a moving grove that has taken to roaming deep in the forests.

The House of Shadows
Shadows has been on the rise, their network of spies have become necessary and prevalent in the last 22 years, tracking down mages who still give into their destructive impulses. While they save mages from those who still vilify them. They have tight ties to both Ravenwood and the College of Warmages and Magehunters.

The House of Fourfold Bounties
The bravest and most noble of the Silencers Adoril Sternfingers, at least as were led to believe by most of the bards that travel the land, Has reforged his House in union with Four winds. Within a year after the Fall of the Ring Fourfold had planted and harvested enough food to solve the food crisis in the Great Houses. Know for their Bards and merry making this house has helped ease some of the tensions in the land after the end of the war. But many are jealous of their newfound status and there are stirrings of resentment among some of the houses.

House Battleborn
Many of the troops that House Battleborn had were lost during the battle of the Fallen Ring. They have struggled to reestablish themselves as a military might in the realm but have manage to at least gained back their numbers if not their skills. General Ironheart now rules over the Iron Keep but has struggled to keep order among his men many of whom now wish to seek vengeance on the mages that killed their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. Ironheart himself holds no moral high ground being that he himself was specially trained to kill mages, so many of his orders and commands seem to not be sincere. He holds the House together through sheer will and respect.

House of the Shifting Sands
While this House did commit a fair amount of troops to the war effort they seem distant and aloof in most of the meetings of the Great Houses. Their lands lie to the south of even House Battleborn on the edge of the desert of flames. They have sheltered their people is secrecy and well hidden villages. They seem to car little for the political maneuverings of the other Houses, almost as if theyre preoccupied with something else far more sinister.

The Houses as they stand

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